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The Retractable, Universal Shoulder Strap. In Color.

The MouseStrap® is compatible with various bags and suitcases that you may carry for work or leisure, including briefcases, laptop cases, satchels, diaper bags, camera bags and gym bags.

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Product Reviews

Max D.

Stockton, UT

Exactly what I needed. I have been using this thing for the past two years and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Consider this feedback better late than never. My old shoulder strap was always getting caught on something and getting tangled up and so on. I could never just grab my bag and run. I thought that surely, I could find a bag with a retractable shoulder strap out there. Turns out that it is virtually impossible. I did manage to find one brand of bag that had such a feature. But the bag was ugly, impractical for my needs, and the price was ridiculous. So, I was really excited to find the MouseStrap. What a brilliant concept. I can attach the retractable strap to the bag I already have, and it totally works, even aesthetically. I’ve been using it ever since. It’s practical, it’s cool, and there’s nothing out there like it.

Paula G.

Apex, NC

I received my Mousestrap as a gift, and what an ingenious item it is! Not only is it well-made and attractive, but it is a workhorse. When I want the weight of my computer bag on my shoulder, I can count on a quick deployment of a sturdy shoulder strap so that I can be hands-free to carry other things. Then when I want to switch back to carrying my bag by the handles, I simply let go and the strap retracts, neatly stowed and out of the way. The best part for me is that when I toss my bag on my car’s passenger seat, the strap retracts so that when I reach for my bag to exit the car, there’s no loop of strap to catch on my emergency brake or other. I have been extremely impressed with the amount of weight the Mousestrap can bear, and the quality of the components. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Why did it take so long for this to appear in the marketplace? For travel and convenience, this is a must-have! I will be purchasing it for friends who carry computer and messenger bags, diaper bags, etc. Amazing!

Michael S.

Pittsford, NY

I LOVE MY MOUSESTRAP!!! 5 stars and would rate higher if I could. I am a physician working as a clinician and educator at a University Medical Center, and have gone through many iterations of bags and bag straps. I have been looking/hoping for something exactly like this for years. I am somewhat picky about the bag I use, and switch between bags, depending on the task/day I have ahead of me. This is the perfect tool to allow me to use a shoulder strap when needed, yet not have it "hanging around" and dragging on dirty floors in a hospital when not on my shoulder. I have not found a downside, and my only regret is for your business model, as people could get by with only having one, since [it] can be moved between bags. Thank you!

Willy E.

Charlotte, NC

As a working musician, I am called to haul guitars around and the most convenient way to do that is using gig bags. These always have shoulder straps that make it convenient to wear the bag like a backpack so that your hands are free to carry other gear or operate doors, etc. When not in use, these straps hang down from the bag and get caught on door handles, other people, you name it. The MouseStrap allows me to use the straps when needed and when not in use they retract out of the way, making one less thing to have to think about. I would recommend this to anyone who has to carry a case of any kind that has straps. It's a great idea that works flawlessly.

Ken M.

Poway, CA

Very ingenious product! Well made item. My wife has a ‘rolling cane’ that helps her balance, but carrying it up/down stairs is challenging. She asked me about attaching a strap so she could sling it over her shoulder. Every strap I tried hung down too far and would tangle in the wheels. The retractable nature of this strap prevents it from drooping on the floor/ground. It’s clean, well designed and super easy to sling over the shoulder. When not over the shoulder, it retracts cleanly against the cane. I may get another one for my travel bag. Highly recommended.

Josh C.

Salt Lake City, UT

All as advertised – and great. Hard to tell more than the seller has already written, but suffice it to say, this product meets and exceeds all expectations. There when you need it, gone when you don’t. Which is exactly the opposite of conventional, tripped-over, groped-for shoulder straps. I’ll enjoy this thing until versions 2 & 3(?) make their debut. Cheers to the owner/designer/maker of this homegrown product (who, incidentally, sent me two, because shipping was ever-so-slightly delayed – and apparently, because he’s a decent human).

Fabrizio T.

Sydney, Australia

So far, I love it! I get frustrated easily when everyday things don't work the way they should (in my wholly correct view of the world). One afternoon I got mightily fed up with the strap on a bag of mine draping everywhere and catching my foot. At rest, I figured the strap had served its purpose, and it should retract like a seatbelt.
I can't remember the sequence of Google searches that led me to you, but it wasn't that many. The moment I saw it, I yelled, 'Huzzah!' and placed my order.

Wilfredo M.

Bronx, NY

Great quality, build, value, function. Best idea for an everyday-use shoulder strap out there. If you’re like me and hate the hassle of taking your bag off and on, especially while commuting on the bus or train . . . in tight situations with lots of commuters in close proximity, then you will appreciate this shoulder strap. Retracts quickly and easily out of the way.

Richard H.

Dallas, TX

My MouseStrap is great! It is one of those things that, once you have used it, you don’t want to be without. My shoulder strap is no longer an unmanageable, flopping, snagging annoyance. One less hassle during travel or daily laptop toting. It works great with my shooting range bag too.

Charles W.

Oklahoma City, OK

Convenient, compact, untangled, and tidy. Without checking the package or reading anything, I ended up needing to make one side a little longer, so everything sat flush on top of the bag. Then I looked and found the extension link. Worked perfectly.

Terri K.

Metuchen, NJ

Perfect for me. This is exactly what I was looking for. It’s a comfortable strap with enough weight so it’s not floppy and yet light enough to still do its job. Retracts smoothly when not needed. Quality item that also looks good. Comfortable either over the shoulder or cross body. Excellent product!

Chelsea M.

New South Wales, AU

I love my MouseStrap. I always get annoyed with my bag straps flopping on the ground when I am not holding them, and the MouseStrap always goes back to its compact, retracted position. A must-have for a busy person.

Adrian G.

Los Angeles, CA

Where has this been all my life? Such a smart idea. My strap has been dragging on the floor, getting caught on airplane seats, etc., for years. But no more. Thanks!

Seema P.

Beaverton, OR

Works perfectly. This strap works smoothly and is a great addition to my backpack/shoulder bag. It eliminates the need to reclip the shoulder strap so that both options are readily available.

Dennis R.

Brighton, UK

The MouseStrap has been great and extensively used during the working week, with the retracting mechanism very convenient and saving a little bit of time each day for me. The strap is invaluable and is really put through its paces.

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