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Replacement Strap for Photo & Video Bags

Purchase the best replacement strap for your photo or video bag today!

Shoot Video or Stills? Get the Only Gear Bag Shoulder Strap That Gets Out of Your Way!

Gear bags. With shoulder straps. For any kind of shoot, they’re indispensable. But in cramped quarters, those shoulder straps can cause problems when they’re not on crew’s shoulders anymore. Suddenly, they’re underfoot, or snagging on things. As annoying as a stray stinger or a runaway roll of gaffer tape. The last thing you need is another tripping hazard.

Enter the MouseStrap® – the world’s only retractable, universal shoulder strap. Always available. Never in the way. Like a good grip on the set. And because camera and video equipment can be heavy, you’ll be glad to know it has a capacity of 100 lbs. It comes with a nicely-cushioned, slip-resistant shoulder pad and, if you want branding or messaging, customized pads are available.

Always ready for its entrance. Stays out of sight until it hears its cue.

You’re not the only one who is tired of shoulder straps that attract the wrong kind of attention. MouseStrap’s inventor grew tired of the way the regular strap on his briefcase got underfoot or snagged on things almost daily. He started working on a solution to the problem in 2016 and – voila! – MouseStrap was born.

When you need it, MouseStrap is there, and readily extends to four feet. When you’re through using it, and take the strap off your shoulder, it retracts to as little as 14 inches.

Getting everything just right – or just right enough – on a photo, video or film shoot is challenging, even on the best of days. Frustrations can pile up quickly. You don’t need one more – and certainly, not from as simple a source as a shoulder strap.

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