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Replacement Strap for Gym Bags

Grab the best replacement strap for your gym bag today!

Where has your gym bag's shoulder strap been?

Once you get to the gym, you’re digging out your membership card, and meanwhile, the strap is dragging on the floor. The dirty, sweaty, bacteria- and virus-laden floor. Ee-ew-ww. You make it into the locker room. You set your bag on a bench in front of your locker. The strap is hanging over the side, piling on the bench or looping down to the floor, possibly picking up athlete’s foot, or other types of fungus or bacteria. Eww again.

You work out to stay fit and healthy. Don’t let a dirty, contaminated shoulder strap undermine your efforts. Take a MouseStrap® to the gym.

Keep your gym bag shoulder strap clean with MouseStrap®.

MouseStrap® is the world’s only retractable, universal shoulder strap. It comes with a comfy, slip-resistant shoulder pad. It’s quick and easy to use.

Snap the MouseStrap® onto your bag. It extends to four feet in length when you need it. Set it down, and it retracts from four feet to as little as 14 inches with a simple pad slide.

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