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Replacement Strap for Business Bags

Purchase the best replacement strap for your business bag today!

Stop dragging that shoulder strap around.

Your briefcase, satchel, or laptop case needs a shoulder strap. Until it doesn’t. You might need a shoulder strap for traveling or transport, but there are times when you’re not in motion, or there’s no room for the strap to be extended.

So, you grab your bag by the handle. Now the shoulder strap is loose, trying to snag on things, or is dragging on the ground, collecting dirt and bacteria and who knows what else. You can bunch it up in your hand, which isn’t always practical or desirable. Or you can stuff it into a pocket on the bag, or remove it altogether, each of which requires extra effort.

Or you can get a MouseStrap.

It’s There When You Need It - Disappears When You Don’t.

You’re not the only one who’s frustrated with shoulder straps, and wondering how to get them out of the way. The inventor of the MouseStrap grew tired of the regular strap on his briefcase getting underfoot or snagging on things. So, he started a company – an American, family-owned small business – that produces the world’s only retractable, universal shoulder strap.

MouseStrap simply snaps onto your bag, like any other shoulder strap. It has a comfortable, slip-resistant shoulder pad. When you need it, it’s right there, and readily extends to four feet. When you don’t need it, it all but disappears, retracting to as little as 14 inches!

You see where this is going, don’t you? Of course you do. MouseStrap goes wherever YOU go, as helpful and unobtrusive as a personal valet.

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